Triasot starting 27.7.2017 15:00 GMT

Triasot starts in:

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28/07/2017 -
triasot has been restarted all players due to an database...
triasot has been restarted all players due to an database issuses ,a new refresh start has begin also there will be a double exp for 1 day.
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Jul 07 2017 -
Triasot Launch on Wednesday of July 26 at 16:00 CEST.

Dear TriasOt Players,

In response of your request we have opened the OT once again, to start cool game to play once again...

These changes are a continuation of our earlier effort to keep TriasOt online forever and playable for all of you.

For those who don't know the Server info here it's:
[Server Info]

Exp Rate starts at 500x.
Loot Rate 3x.
Skill Rate 35x.
Magic Rate 20x.


Alot of Quests and infinity challenge.
100% Full Evolution Server.
All Quests are working perfectly
Houses At all Cities are Working 100%.
Active Support Team in game.
Balanced Vocations.
Fair donations with cheap prices.


Zombie Event.
Capture The Flag Event.
Guild War Event.

What's new this time at TriasOt?

Recently we had many complains about lags & kicks therefor this time we have moved to a better Host system which will handle the server players on the best.
Fixed all the reported bugs which were recently reported on the forums.
Revemaped Enigma and some other map parts ,also change alot of map parts and new quests/caves added.

Eventually we would like to weclome everyone once again to TriasOt, TriasOt still there to bring up the funny journeys for you !

Best Regards,
TriasOt Staff.


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